Sustainability at Milan Fashion Week 2020

Our Founder Shonali Shetty was at the Milan Fashion Week to showcase ‘UrbanRains’.


Sustainability has found it’s way to mainstream fashion in Milan. We were pleased to see new and innovative materials, process and design being discussed for sustainable and circular fashion. In the show that UrbanRains was presented, there were brands like ‘Ambra Castello’ from Sicily and ‘Kelke’ from Netherlands driving circularity with innovations in both material choice, process and design. Emerging Italian brands such as Vitelli are breaking the status quo of mainstream fast fashion production in Italy. Among prominent European brands, global brands were a focus in the segment of emerging talent, with brands from Africa and Chile. Vogue talents features ‘New frontiers of awareness’ a showcase of emerging global brands in the area of sustainable fashion. Milan has definitely started looking beyond the realm of traditional fashion and seeking out for outliers and innovations in the industry.


Art, as in paintings and illustrations on clothing was another trend. Dutch brand Stevan Blanco featured from Eindhoven, painted faces of his clients on T-shirts and hoodies, lending a hand crafted touch to high-end streetwear. We had the opportunity to close the show at 55 Milano with a performative showcase of Urbanella. We were pleased to have a prominent spot and were well received by the fashion community, with buzzing stories and social media shares all night after the show. We collaborated with a group of talented dancers from Underground Dance Academy in Milan. We’ve made some great collaborations and steps towards our next collection. In the picture above, Shonali is sharing her story about UrbanRains in an interview organised by Milan Fashion Club