Launching Innovative Brands 

We specialise in spotting the right brand positioning for clients who are brave enough to innovate. Finding a place in the minds and hearts of consumers and retailers can be a challenge for brands that are re-defining a category. Our process is disruptive, working very closing with potential consumers we weave a brand narrative that blends into the market and becomes desirable. Our clients so far have redefined the fashion, food and drinks industry.


User Research and Co-creation

Customers are at the heart of what we do. We work closely in agile methods of research and co-create our brands with our users. Innovation requires continous iterations and hence we find experimental ways of research with our customers to find growth opportunities for our clients. Our experise in this area includes a team of researchers, anthropologists,  and designers who turn research into a fun activity.


Brand concepts and visual narratives 

In the current digital landscape of instagram and shopify, sometimes all you need is a strong visual story. We are specialised in video and photography based visual narratives that bring your brand story to life.


Design Thinking Workshops

We use our knowledge of the design process to help clients make decisions and come together on topics that involve various stakeholders. We offer workshops that last a day to a weekend to our clients to come together and solve problems applying the design thinking process. We also train staff at off-site events with design thinking workshops that pushes employees out of their comfort zone and become familiar with the creative process.


Future Scenario Modelling

We help clients prepare to imagine a future scenario that will inspire innovation in the here and now. We use both exploratory and normative approaches to arrive at pausible future scenarios. 



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